Pixel Perfect

SoContent PR

SoContent is a modern approach PR Agency, brimming with character and playful energy – it was our job to harness that into something modern, techy and fun – with the option to lean into either one, depending on the project or client.


Brand positioning
Visual identity
Website design
Website build


From the very start, it was evident that this would be no ordinary branding and web project. The initial discovery workshop was filled with wild and creative ideas, as everyone was enthusiastic to explore new possibilities.

Doug and his team worked closely with us to build a key brand narrative and to develop a unique personality that could stand out from the corporate tech PR environment.

After considering various approaches, we settled on the Neo-Retro theme, which successfully blended modern technology (SoContent’s primary client base) with retro fun, games and pixels – a perfect complement to their lively and engaging personality.

The website and all the supporting assets are packed with fun surprises – silly links, pixel dogs, games, and interactive online elements – designed to amuse and reward curiosity.

SoContent Discovery Session
pixel icons
Presentation Deck
SoContent Style Sheet


Design Direction. Adam Jennings
Brand Design. Will Noble
Web Build (including all the awesome dog games). Laura Ockenden

Client Comments

Contour has been awesome from day one. The gang has gone above and beyond to understand who we are, driving a more real end-game 😉 to our website. They have pushed us to explore and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves along the way. The team has not only delivered, it has honestly helped hone our direction too. Best bit, is that behind the scenes they have been excited to work with us, exploring epic interactions and moments whilst also remaining true to SoContent.

Doug Hunter – PR Chap, SoContent PR