Crafting an icon

Heartwood Saunas

Heartwood craft incredible saunas from their workshop in West Wales that connect you to nature, enhance your sense of well-being and improve your health.


Icon design


We first met Olly Davey in a field in Wales where Heartwood’s mobile sauna was in residence at the Do Lectures.

It was immediately obvious that Heartwood’s attention to detail and uncompromising focus underpinned every decision from the saunas to their marketing and socials.

We initially helped to refine their logo and a little later, Heartwood got in touch to explore a range of icons to underpin a new marketing plan.

The challenge was to create something that communicated the precision and detail of their projects whilst providing unique and recognisable visuals for their product range.

The collection of icons we created rely heavily on geometric grids and strong alignment to ensure they complement the company logo and sit confidently alongside their marketing visuals.

These icons are now used across social media, their website and marketing material to share ideas, promote new projects, and share the health and well-being benefits of using heat for healing.

Heartwood Poster


Design. Adam Jennings
Design. Will Noble