Connecting the dots


RITHMS aims to support the Police and Customs Authorities in addressing the poly-criminal nature of goods trafficking through research, technological innovation, outreach and training.


Brand positioning
Visual identity
Event graphics
Website design


RITHMS’ target audience: international government agencies. No pressure. We needed to create a visual identity that felt appropriate for officials and also conveyed a sense of connection to reflect the interdepartmental work that RITHMS does.

With the EU project in its infancy, it was important to focus on something clear, bold and easily recognisable as part of this multinational project.

We began by exploring the idea of networks and the connection between organisations. The ‘connected arrow’ brand mark was initially inspired by the string and pins of an investigation board, which we updated for a modern channel to reflect RITHMS’ work to use collaboration to stop criminal networks. This developed into a mark that shows the connections between elements, information or locations.

The colour scheme is consciously high impact and contributes to a sense of ‘alertness’. The brand mark is clean and simple and its versatility is demonstrated in its uses as a wayfinding arrow, call to action and content frame.

RITHMS Conference
RITHMS Wayfinding
RITHMS Website


Brand Design. Adam Jennings
Digital Design. Will Noble

Client Comments

We needed an experienced studio that understands brands well and can apply theoretical knowledge according to the business needs. The team had strong communication at every stage. Now I have worked with Countour for more than five years. They always deliver exceptional work that is fascinating. Their critical contribution helped to make every project a success. You need Contour on your team!

Petar Chardakov – Projects Director, EEMA

Over the years, we have relied on Contour to shape our image and communications to the market. Our focus has always been on achieving business objectives and creating something that is exciting and empowering. Contour’s genius is to translate the essence of our ambitions for our individual programs and establish a graphics toolbox and pallet across all the media channels that reflects and enhances our messaging and substantially contributes to our communications.

Jon Shamah – Chairman, EEMA