Doing the right things

Ethical Agent Network

EAN Membership Window

The Ethical Agent Network are uniting ethical estate agents and providing them with the best tools to build better businesses and create positive changes in the communities they serve.


Brand strategy
Visual identity
Website design
Website build


The Ethical Agent Network (EAN) stands proudly in support of Estate Agents doing the right thing, with a mission to unite UK estate agents committed to ethical practices and community engagement.

The EAN has to speak to both independent estate agents and the public, to establish credibility as a supporting standard that exists for the right reasons.

The foundation of the brand was solidified through a clear brand statement and strategy, embodying the network’s ethos of fostering ethical and supportive relationships. This was complemented by a clear and memorable identity, along with supportive branding elements that collectively echo the network’s commitment to their core pillars.

To ensure consistency, we developed comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure that the internal team and the EAN members had a toolkit to champion the brand and shout proudly of their successful application to join the network, ensuring consistency across the brand at every touchpoint.

Sat quietly at the heart of the brand is a dyslexic-friendly font (Lexend), chosen not only for its aesthetic appeal but more importantly for its inclusivity, ensuring that the brand’s message is accessible to a wider audience.

The website stands as a testament to the network’s ethical and environmental values, and features a low carbon footprint design. Moreover, it’s equipped with a range of accessibility tools, including light and dark modes and font adjustment options, ensuring a user-friendly experience for all visitors.

This new brand identity is about more than simply smart visuals; it represents a powerful combination of ethical values, community focus, and inclusivity.



Brand Strategy: Adam Jennings
Design: Adam Jennings
Development: Laura Ockenden

Client Comments

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