Exclusive Payments


PayAlly is a premium financial service provider with a worldwide client base that needed our help to forge a new identity and help communicate their offering through a shiny new website.


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When we first spoke with Rafal and his team, it was clear that PayAlly was more than just a fintech business – it was about building strong relationships and providing its clients with absolute clarity when it came to their financial needs.

Our initial proposal included a mark that mirrored account payments in and out, which we initially dismissed as it felt too easy. However, we kept coming back to it and, after presenting it to everyone involved, it was ultimately the right project direction.

The triangular pattern allowed us to create a distinctive brand mark that was used across all supporting visuals, which we paired with images of London architecture to reflect PayAlly’s head office location.

We also created a flexible and fully editable website which integrates with their banking portal and gives their clients the tools they need to make informed decisions about their finances.

The end result was a strong brand identity that communicated the ethos of the company and its commitment to providing a premium service.

Payally Logo
PayAlly Logo
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PayAlly Cards
PayAlly Building
PayAlly Billboard


Design. Adam Jennings
Website Development. Laura Ockenden