Contour lines define change.
We need change.

Contour works with creatives, businesses, brands and licences that are driven to create positive and sustainable solutions with design.

About Contour

Specialising in identity design and helping businesses to tell their story, Contour bridges the gap between a business and their customers through strategic design choices.

Designing to honestly represent your company’s values is key to interacting and accurately communicating your direction and culture to your audience. Contour leads the creative process with the skills to execute across a variety of print and digital platforms.

Contour Creative Studio is led by Adam Jennings. A complete perfectionist, Adam has worked with start-ups, agencies, creative companies and international licences on positioning, launching and building brands for a variety of platforms.

Adam thrives on the excitement of newness and re-imagining by creating changes that influence positive interactions. With 10 years experience leading design projects for businesses, directing photoshoots, creating visual campaigns and designing brand narratives, Adam is infectiously inspired, continually active and loves working with a creative teams and companies that disrupt and explore new ideas.

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