Ready?Begin Podcast

I catch up regularly with my friend Ant Conlin who is an award winning founder and advertising & content expert.

We both explore new ideas, share stories about side projects that work, side projects that don’t work and everything in between.

We recently decided that a lot of the things we were chatting about might be useful to other people looking to wave goodbye to a payslip, be more productive or give them the nudge to turn their side project into a full time job.

So we decided to record our conversations and create a podcast. Limited by a 20 minute timer we use this as a place to chat and unload ideas.

It’s had a great reception so we decided to give it a little bit of an identity to help it along the way, combining the  ? of Ready? and the B of Begin into a little mark that carries some meaning.

If you’re interested and would like to hear more, click the link below.

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